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Building Personal Care Routine for Your Seniors

One of the essential aspects of senior care for your aging loved ones is practicing proper hygiene. However, if a senior citizen is suffering from a medical condition, this could be a difficult task.

As a provider of health services in Texas, we can give you tips on how to make a personal care routine for your elderly loved ones.

For instance, you can set up reminders through notes or alarms to remind a loved one about their personal care, such as taking a bath or taking care of their hair and skin. It would help if you also make sure that the bathrooms in their home are safe for them to use. You can put non-slip mats and handrails inside, making them less likely to suffer an accidental injury.

Furthermore, assist them in getting dressed by arranging their garments according to the proper way to wear them. You’ll be able to help your elderly make selections and get dressed on their own.

Allow Park Cities Health Services to help you ensure the hygiene needs of your senior loved ones through our in-home care.

Our caregivers can provide home health care services in Dallas, Texas, as they are licensed and trained to deliver the best possible healthcare to our clients. If you have questions regarding our home and nursing care services, contact us by calling 1-214-935-5108.

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